The Beach Tree

And no that’s not a spelling mistake. Here is the story of a tree that fell into the sea. Literally. The famous ‘Beach Tree’ at Praa Sands fell onto the beach as the cliff eroded during the winter storms of 2013/2014 and has since inspired a poem and a children’s story book. So sudden was the cliff erosion, that the tree fell roots-first, landing upright in the sand which covers a layer of ancient peat at Praa Sands so it looks as though it is growing on the beach. The poem is written on a piece of driftwood attached to the tree, now also degrading in the elements.

Dramatic erosion led to part of this house’s garden falling into the sea. The tree appears to be rooted into the sand as it fell roots down.

The Beach Tree

Once I stood so proud above this sea,
Majestic, green and proud to be,
The tallest magnificent old garden tree.

I watched for months as the storms got stronger,
Until my roots could hold no longer,
Day by day more cliff gave away,
I was moving closer towards the bay.

I rocked and swayed like never before,
I could feel myself heading towards the shore,
The garden I left was to be no more.

In came the wave that crashed overhead,
And down I slid towards the sea bed,
Refusing to fall I ended upright,
The sand round my roots wedging me in so tight.

Touching the cliff I held on so hard,
Now here’s where I stand still proud, but scarred,
My bark has come off and my leaves have all gone,
But I am again that proud tree that is still hanging on

~ by beach bum


  1. susurrus says:

    Our ideas of when trees have ‘had it’ and their ideas are often completely different things. I find it fascinating when trees fall over and continue to grow, leaf and fruit from there. This is a giant leap for treekind on from that!

  2. Amazing! (I am way behind with the blog world, doing my best to catch up.)

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