In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks ~ John Muir (Please click on image to enlarge)


And still the starlings come… (Please click on image to enlarge) They seem to have increased over the past month and now appear in their thousands. Shortly before sunset they perform their mesmerising aerobatic manoeuvres before heading off to their overnight roosting place. It’s surprising that they don’t collide with one another. One downfall to…

Wolf Moon

I popped outside on Sunday evening to capture the pink sky, but by the time I reached the garden gate it had pretty much disappeared, and though the sunset was quite dramatic in the south-west, my attention was drawn to the north and the full moon. Seeing this crow on my neighbour’s rooftop I couldn’t…

Saturday Sketches #18

Still Life – Conté Crayon effect (The Conté Crayon filter replicates the texture of dense dark and pure white Conté crayons on an image. This has also had a colour filter applied)

finding my muse

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #181 | Double Dipping It’s been an awfully long time since I visited my favourite beach – lockdowns, summer tourists, illness, tide times and weather conspired against me during 2021 – but on a relatively warm day of sun and cloud last week combining with a low tide, I finally got to…