Spindrift, Spoondrift, Spray. Silver foam. Spume. Shimmering sunlit sea. Sea fret shielding sea creatures, submerged, spinning. Sea-pools sparkling. Salty, seawater swimming; splashing. Slimy seaweed, slippery; slithering. Sea-birds strutting along the stony strand. Sea-shells sighing; singing. Silent sunsets, slipping; sliding. Soft sands shifting, Soles sinking. Sherbet sunrises skimming across the sky. Stormy seas shouting. Seals swimming; sleeping….

Take a Beach Walk

Yesterday I was lucky to find some sunshine amongst the showers and I also found a new walk alongside the River Hayle. You can’t quite get onto the beach from here, but it is an interesting stroll all the same and the swans seemed happy. If you would like to take an altogether different beach…

cornwall in colours: glas

The sea is never one colour. But in Cornish there is a single word, glas, which can capture all the colours of the water: blue, green, pale grey. [gla:z (M); glæ:z (L)] – blue, green, grey. Cornish is perhaps most closely related to Welsh and Breton languages. Omniglot

Cornwall in Colours

I don’t often go to the beach during the summer, but my youngest son and family paid us a visit in early July and we met up at Godrevy for lunch and a wander on the beach. It was a beautiful day with barely a whisper of a cloud in sight. Later on in the…

the fanciful sea

(please click image to enlarge) Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55 | Dreamy


A coruscating sea. St Ives Bay  looking across to Trencrom Hill and Carbis Bay from Godrevy Point

Sea Fog

This young boy reminded me of my young grandson in the way he solemnly surveyed the sea on one of the coastal foggy days recently.

Sun Glitter

More ‘ant’ people and a couple of ‘ant’ dogs enjoying the sun at Porthtowan’s beach last week. And one of my favourite shots of sun sparkling on the water.