July Squares | Perspective

Feel the love

Even a cold winter’s day ( 6°C) couldn’t deter these hardy surfers and paddleboarder from the water in Porthleven.  

Winter Wave Watching

I could spend hours standing on the shore watching the breakers roll in. Waiting for the swell of the sea in the distance the curl of the wave the spindrift the translucent green of the barrel followed by the white spume crashing on to the rocky headland or lapping gently on to the sandy shoreline….

A winter’s day on the sea shore

Ruddy Turnstones (the ones with the red legs) and Sanderlings* (the white and pale grey ones) having fun on the beach at Marazion. (click on the photo to enlarge) The way in which they ran in to the sea as the waves retreated and then ran back again as the waves came in made me…