Sun Glitter

More ‘ant’ people and a couple of ‘ant’ dogs enjoying the sun at Porthtowan’s beach last week. And one of my favourite shots of sun sparkling on the water.


Looking north towards St Agnes Beacon This is the view in the opposite direction to the photos I recently posted from the same beach  Silver Sand and Shooting into the Sun.

Cornish beaches: Porthtowan

The draw of the coast entices old and young to the county with the result that in the school holidays (Easter and the spring half-term and especially summer) the roads are choked, the car-parks full to capacity and the beaches brimming with human life. So it was with great pleasure that my Australian family came to visit during…

Silver Sand

Shooting into the sun helped to create this liquid silky-silver reflective effect. The hint of peachy-pink in the sky above the horizon, a bonus.