Town Trail: Porthleven

There has been a settlement here for thousands of years and by the 1600s Porthleven was a small hamlet populated by fishermen and miners. The harbour was built in the early 1800s and little has altered since then. There are many harbourside restaurants, art galleries and shops. The turquoise waters attract many visitors and the…

Loe Bar Circular Trail through Penrose Estate

I’m not fond of a walk where you have to return the same way. I’m the same with driving, often seeking a different road back from where we’ve been. It’s not always possible of course, but the Penrose estate near Porthleven and Helston provides several circular routes within the park, including one which leads to…

Porthleven Harbour

A bright and sunny day with fabulous cumulus clouds took us to Porthleven because a) we became stuck in a traffic jam heading to Lizard Point and b) the car park at Poldhu Cove was totally full. Although the village was busy there was still plenty of room outside along the harbour for lunch at…

Black and White Sunday: After and Before

High tide in Porthleven Does your focus change in one photo to the other? Does colour enhance the composition or distract you? What changes? I’d like to know your impressions. And if you would like to see more After and Before images then please visit Paula.

Feel the love

Even a cold winter’s day ( 6°C) couldn’t deter these hardy surfers and paddleboarder from the water in Porthleven.