Nature Photo Challenge: Pink

Pink is not a colour I associate with my garden and especially at this time of year, but I thought I’d have a wander and see whether there was anything in flower this weekend. (please click on image to enlarge) And a trio of brightly coloured Anemone ‘St Brigid’ The header photo is a Hellebore…

Nature Photo Challenge: Eyes

Just the one eye from me, I thought it was time for my favourite butterfly “Mr Grumpy” to have his moment of fame again. A face only a mother could love. (please click on image to enlarge) Denzil Nature Photo Challenge#2 | Eyes

Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

A new photo challenge has been launched by Denzil with a new theme each week (Wednesday). For this one I had a look around my own garden and found some lovely stripes and circles. Denzil Nature Photo Challenge #1 | Patterns