Mousehole Harbour – Black and White

Mousehole : A Winter Walk

Last Thursday was the 6th anniversary of the date on which we collected the keys to our Cornish house and the first night we spent here (camping on blow-up beds). Our actual move date isn’t until the end of March, but we like to acknowledge this memorable date too so off we went for lunch…

The Mousehole Cat

Another birthday meal (the OH, not mine) at the Old Coastguard Hotel in Mousehole (Mowzel) on Thursday was very different to the one on my birthday there a couple of years ago. The weather for one thing. The crowds for another. Celebrating a birthday in Cornwall during a school holiday is a bit of a…

Christmas Harbour Lights

And before the festive season is over I bring you the Christmas Harbour lights of Mousehole. And did anyone spot the champagne being poured?

Harbour life

On Wednesday my middle and youngest son were down in Cornwall along with d-i-l and youngest granddaughter. After a couple of hours larking around on the beach near Godrevy lighthouse we set off for Mousehole on the opposite side of the peninsula to view¬†the fabulous harbour Christmas lights. Being a little early we headed for…