Out to Sea

Mount’s Bay through the harbour wall at Penzance – in late December afternoon sunshine.

Welcome the ‘Sky Painter’ #7

The last image this week (but probably not the last sunset you will see on here) is of St Michael’s Mount in tranquil Mount’s Bay. Standing on the top of the hill with the sky lighting up all around is a very strange feeling. To the west, gold, orange, streaks of red, green and aquamarine….

magic on a winter’s day

The views over to St Michael’s Mount change throughout the year and with the tides. In winter there are only two ways to cross over to the island – by foot over the causeway at low tide, or using the amphicraft. The best time to take a photograph is either early or late in the day…

Evening Sun

The restored art deco Jubilee Pool caught in the last rays of the setting sun with the rock of St Michael’s Mount and its castle on the right.

Zig Zag

Does anyone know what causes this strange zig-zag pattern on the sea? Definitely not reefs and hardly any wind to mention. I have never seen this before. Very pretty though. Edit: Thanks to the clever research of Canadian Sue Slaght this phenomenon could be Langmuir circulation. Thanks Sue! Other phenomena that have been easy to…