Winter trees

The current stormy conditions are keeping me indoors, so time to look at some of the photos that I took before the end of the year but never made it onto the blog. This is a photo that has been shown before, but not quite like this. The way these trees frame the lane on…

Sea Foam

Daily Post Photo Challenge | scale

South Wheal Frances

South Wheal Frances was part of the Bassett Mines which worked the Great Flat Lode. There are still some impressive buildings on the site.

in my garden | traveller’s joy

Traveller’s Joy or Old Man’s Beard is a member of the Clematis genus and scrambles over hedgerows and plants and in fact anything in its vicinity. As it matures the stems become woody. It is covered in small white flowers throughout summer and can be seen in woodlands and the countryside. In autumn and winter…

Like a bird on the wire

One of my favourite things to photograph since moving to Cornwall is the countryside around me – the hedgerows full of wild flowers, the hills, the sky and the sunsets, the birds and tonight they all came together in this silhouette. Farewell Lenny, your songs will always be a part of my life. Black and…

A line of cows

Following on from the Crows here are a line of cows on their way back from the dairy. The track runs behind Wheal Alice.