Blue Winter

Winter uses all the blues there are. One shade of blue for water, one for ice, Another blue for shadows over snow. The clear or cloudy sky uses blue twice – Both different blues. And hills row after row Are colored blue according to how far. You know the blue-jay’s double-blur device Show’s best when…

cornwall in colours

A short stroll along a harbour quay, cautiously peering into moored fishing boats  (there are no railings to prevent you from falling into the water) provides a photo opportunity for capturing the colours of Cornwall. Even on a dull November day, there are glimpses of cheerful bright colours to warm the soul. Not the fingers…

cornwall in colours: glas

The sea is never one colour. But in Cornish there is a single word, glas, which can capture all the colours of the water: blue, green, pale grey. [gla:z (M); glæ:z (L)] – blue, green, grey. Cornish is perhaps most closely related to Welsh and Breton languages. Omniglot

cornwall in colours: all the blues

Throughout the month of July, Becky (Queen of the Squares) ran her blue challenge. Anything blue as long as the photo itself was square. So here are my Cornish blues. Those of you with a mathematical  brain will realise that 2 x 16 squares = 32, one more than the month itself, but who is…

cornwall in colours: red

West Pentire Poppies and Barn After a week of hesitation about when to visit West Pentire to see the poppy fields, yesterday seemed the best day to go. Although the sky was cloudy and threatening rain it was much bluer towards the coast. Whether the poppies would be in flower was an altogether different question.