Blue July | Day 17

Throughout the month of July, Becky (Queen of the Squares) is feeling blue. Ideal for me to showcase the most dominant colour of Cornwall in all its guises. Blue Horizon Blue July: Day Seventeen

To the Lighthouse

Sea Pinks and Godrevy Lighthouse Armeria maritima, commonly known as thrift, sea thrift or sea pinks. Its neat carpet of evergreen leaves is topped with lollipops of candy-pink flowers from May to September.

More ‘Ant’ People

Low tide when the beaches of Godrevy and Gwithian link up and you can walk across the Red River which divides the two. Taking a photograph from the top of the cliffs is a favourite of mine. I love to see the ‘ant’ people.

The Stile

This stile is to be found on the south-west coastal path at Godrevy headland, leading up to the ancient barrow  (burial mound) from the Bronze Age. I love the way the stone has been sculptured by the wind and the rain and I have always wanted to photograph it with the pretty pink Thrift that…

Sea Fog

This young boy reminded me of my young grandson in the way he solemnly surveyed the sea on one of the coastal foggy days recently.

A lot like Lowry

A blogging friend of mine once said how much she loved my ‘signature’ ant people as I photograph beaches from the cliff tops. So here’s a recent one for her.

Cornish beaches: Godrevy

Godrevy lighthouse was my muse for all of 2017. But even though the lighthouse and the landscape has featured heavily on this blog, I have not actually written about the beach itself. The beach stretches from the north side of where the Red River runs into the sea at Gwithian. It is broken into several…

Changing Seasons – August

Month eight of my photographer’s nature journal. The year is flying by, the dry weather broken by one or two showers at the beginning of the month, but nothing much. Still with the assistance of the sea fret / coastal fog  the fields are once again looking green. As is my lawn. This month we…

the case of the disappearing lighthouse

I woke up to glorious sunshine and the bluest of blue skies today. Decided to nip over to Godrevy for a walk before the shops opened at 10:30 and see if the heather is blooming. Before I miss that too! I was not surprised to see a finger of fog or sea fret spilling in…