I used to be more of a ‘detail’ photographer, zooming in on objects, passionate about flower photography and the closer the better which led me to purchasing a dedicated macro lens. Then I moved to Shropshire where the rural landscape catches the eye. Wide open spaces and hills. I still wasn’t a landscape photographer though,…

creative with light #1

This month I have been running a challenge on my Travel blog about being creative with light. So every time I go out and about I am being more conscious of the way the light falls; the shadows; the colours. Coming home past Alice in late evening sun I noticed the way the golden light…

Alice in June

This is the sight that greets me when I leave my house at the moment. The red campion is particularly beautiful this year, sandwiched between the frothy white cow parsley and the May blossom (hawthorn) and Alice cloaked in ivy standing proud. Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #49 | Favourite Things

Carn Galver Mine

The mine at Carn Galver operated on and off from the 1830s to 1878, transforming this quiet coastal moor into a bustling industrial zone. Visitors in the 1870s would have seen smoke billowing from the stack of the steam pumping house (the taller ruined building) which drained water from the mines’s deepest shafts, whilst the…

Cornish favourites: Engine Houses

Something you cannot fail to see if you come to Cornwall are the many disused engine houses dotting the landscape. They are not unique to Cornwall as Devon also used to have them, but there are fewer surviving engine houses in Devon. If you have ever visited Cornwall, or if you have watched Poldark, then…


Apricity = The warmth of the sun in winter. Though I am not sure how much warmth there was in this sun. Photo taken 28 February @ 1430 hrs

A Cornish landscape

What else could I choose for illustrating something/somewhere that is dearly loved: Cornwall. With its endless coastal curves and wonderful industrial history that leaves a unique legacy on the landscape. The engine house. Daily Post Photo Challenge | Beloved

day 30: A Cornish Sky

ALTOCUMULUS clouds look fleecy and have dark, shadowed sides. This winter sky features the Wheal Coates mine ruins along the north Cornish coast. December’s #SquareSky challenge | A Cornish Sky