Update of a Cornish Hedge

In 2019 I decided to revamp the Cornish hedge which borders one side of my car park / utility area of my garden. You may remember that it was full of nettles and brambles and grass. In the autumn of 2019 my son helped me to repair the end of the hedge and I pulled…

Six on Saturday | A Cornish Hedge

The typical Cornish hedge is a stone-faced earth hedgebank with bushes or trees growing along the top. It is called a “hedge”, never a “hedgerow” or “wall”. As readers will know if they follow my posts, a Cornish hedge is never called a wall or a hedgerow, despite the fact that it is built from stone blocks…

creative with DOF #1

During the month of June the challenge on my Travel blog is about being creative with the depth of field (DOF). So I have been playing around with my aperture settings. These are both taken using my phone camera which has a large range of aperture settings and seems to work better than the camera….


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #60 | Framing the shot