Portrait of a bumblebee

Bombus hortorum, the garden bumblebee or small garden bumblebee on Narcissus ‘Geranium’. It is distinguished from most other bumblebees by its long tongue used for feeding on pollen in deep-flowered plants.

busy bee-ing busy

Whilst dead-heading roses in the raised bed on Monday I couldn’t help noticing how may white-tailed bumblebees there were still feasting on the Echinops. So I went inside for the camera.  

All about the bees

It hasn’t been a great year so far for bees and butterflies in my garden, but I had a wander down to the raised beds the other afternoon mainly to see whether my least favourite flower (because of its smell, not looks) Eryngium – the sea holly – was attracting anything other than flies.  I…