Ruddy Turnstones

The ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres) is a small wading bird that spend most of their time creeping and fluttering over rocks, picking out food from under stones.  They are medium-sized, plover-like birds of rocky shores and gravel beaches and can be regularly seen in St Ives, Padstow and other parts of Cornwall during the winter. They are quite…

January Sky

Despite all the rain and wind (and we have had a lot of both) this month, there have been one or two rather lovely sunset skies. This one was taken on 7th January at 16:30 whilst returning home from a very short stroll down the lane.

cornwall in colours: yellow

Taking a daily stroll along the country lanes near home can lead to some unusual photographs, or maybe that should read, finding the ordinary in extraordinary light. Daily Post Photo Challenge | serene