Dappled Shade Bed

At the far end of the Gravel Garden is a deep bed which is mainly in dappled shade and where two more trees grow – a twisted or contorted Hazel and a weeping Kilmarnock Willow tree, both deciduous trees. The soil is mulched annually with bark. Most of the plants are foliage plants that enjoy a shady position.

  • Astrantia
  • Bay Tree (kept as a low hedge)
  • Brunnera macrophylla ‘Sea Heart’
  • Epimedium x 2
  • Euonymus fortunei
  • Euonymus variegata
  • Fern
  • Geum ‘Bell Bank
  • Geranium sanguineum  ‘Album’
  • Geranium ‘Anne Thomson’
  • Geranium himalayense ‘Derrick Cook’ (white)
  • Geranium x magnificum
  • Geranium oxonianum ‘Thurstonianum’
  • Gillenia trifoliata 
  • Hellebore niger
  • Heucheras ‘Marmalade’, ‘Lime Marmalade’, ‘Coralberry’ and one unknown dark plum one
  • Heucherella  ‘Buttered Rum’
  • Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise
  • Ivy
  •  Leycesteria formosa ‘Golden Himalayan Honeysuckle’
  • Martagon lilies
  • Nepeta JUNIOR WALKER ‘Novanepjun’ 
  • St John’s Wort / hypericum
  • Spring bulbs/flowers
    • Snowdrops
    • Aconites
    • Cowslip
    • Crocuses
    • Cyclamen

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