Courtyard Container Garden

The main entrance to our cottage is within a small courtyard. It faces north-west here and because of a taller neighbouring cottage on our right the only sun to reach the edge is in mid-summer when it’s higher enough to be above the roof! We have a granite ledge running along the face of the cottage in which all sorts of things self-seed – dog violets, crocosmia, hogweed, valerian and many weeds. There is a rather elderly pink climbing rose which is definitely past its best, a climbing hydrangea and a rather rampant Virginia Creeper which clothe the wall.

This is my container garden, though finding plants suitable has proved to be a challenge. Acers hate the wind that swirls around the courtyard, tall flowers get flattened and many plants hate the wet as the pots don’t dry out quickly.

Currently I have an old white mophead Hydrangea, several Skimmia Japonica shrubs, Heucheras, Fuchsias and Ferns. Bedding plants that do well are Impatiens.

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