The Plant Register

My garden is mainly to the rear of the house as it is in a small courtyard along with 4 other properties. The courtyard is gravelled and used to park cars, though I have another area at the back which is accessed via a farm track. I have divided my garden into separate areas which are named according to its aspect. The house mainly faces north-east to south-west.

So we have the Woodland Border (1) which runs down the left-hand side and faces north. The space to the right of this is now mainly laid to pebbles with a raised bed and a low walled border which faces south and is called the Gravel Garden (2). At the back of this is a Dappled shade bed (3) (under trees) and behind those are two Raised Beds (4), one predominantly for Herbs. This is where the garden is fenced off from my Wild Garden (5), which is another gravelled area for parking. The oil tank and septic tank along with the soakaway are here.

Outside the conservatory which is at the back of the house is my Zen Patio (6) and at the front of the house in the north-east facing courtyard is my Courtyard Container Garden (7), where most things are grown in containers. This area receives very little sunlight except in the midsummer month when the sun is high enough to reach the edge of the granite ledge on which the containers stand, so it is a challenging area.

In order to keep an eye on which plants do well in the different locations I have created a plant register to list all the plants I grow. Obviously this changes throughput the year(s) as plants die, get moved / removed and new ones added. Please click on the relevant links above to see what is currently growing in each location.


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  1. Nicely set out! I’m trying to be organised and do plans of my garden and list all the plants. It is a very slow process!

    1. Heyjude says:

      It is! And I have to remember to make the changes too!

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