in chains

In an effort to get out more we popped into Penzance at the end of December mainly to do some chores, like visit a bank (the nearest town to us now that actually still has banks) and a post office. It so happened to coincide with one of the most beautiful days we have seen…


Light reflected on the railings along the promenade in Penzance at sunset.

cornwall in colours: birthday blues

I might just have to go back to the shop and buy this sign. As I head into mid-autumn and winter approaches (not only in the meteorological seasons, but also in my age) I must get out more and start dancing in that rain, before it is too late.

The Rites of Dionysus

From the first time I saw this back in 2006 I have been somewhat underwhelmed by it. Situated in the Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project, the ‘Rites of Dionysus’ is a sculpture by Tim Shaw, a sculptor from Cornwall who was born in Belfast. The installation draws inspiration from the accounts of the Bacchanal…

A Cornish landscape

What else could I choose for illustrating something/somewhere that is dearly loved: Cornwall. With its endless coastal curves and wonderful industrial history that leaves a unique legacy on the landscape. The engine house. Daily Post Photo Challenge | Beloved

day four: December Sky

Returning home from an early evening stroll I happened to glance the sun setting through the opening of this barn, although it was the strange ladder-like construction at the side of the tower which really caught my eye and left me wondering ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ December’s #SquareSky challenge | Burning Barn