festival of spring #6

I am going to join in with Dawn’s Festival of Spring which will last for 10 -12 weeks in celebration of this season and share something that is happening in or around my neighbourhood each week.

Three Cornered Leek growing in the lanes

If you visit Cornwall during the early spring you may be fooled into thinking that the masses of white nodding flowers growing in the hedgerows are white bluebells. They often grow among the blue ones, but if you sniff closely you will discover a very distinct onion smell.

Bluebells and Wild Onion

Three Cornered Leeks or Wild Onion (Allium triquetrium) gets its name because of the triangular stem. It is a heavily invasive member of the allium family which has a chive and leek flavour and can be used in any recipe calling for either of these ingredients. Although it grows throughout my garden I rarely use it in cooking.

Three Cornered Leek enjoyed by bees

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  1. Toonsarah says:

    The flowers are pretty and it seems the bees like them 🙂 what part do you use in cooking? The stem or leaves or both?

    1. Heyjude says:

      You can use the whole plant. It’s like a spring onion. The flowers could jazz up a salad, but it is very oniony.

  2. pommepal says:

    I agree they are pretty Jude, but a terrible invasive plant over here.

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