The Winter Solstice

Winter light

The Winter Solstice is today the 21st December when we have the least daylight and the longest night. Astronomically, the winter solstice marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

Pyracantha Berries (Also known as firethorn, due to its flame-coloured berries and prickly stems)

As Christmas becomes increasingly engulfed by consumerism, perhaps it is time for us to reconnect with its authentic origins rooted in the natural world when midwinter was used to mark and guide activities such as the slaughtering of animals, the sowing of crops and the monitoring of winter reserves of food, all vital to ensure the preservation and continuance of human life.

Pastureland, December 2022

Lots of our customs such as bringing greenery into the house to decorate it at this time of year come from the belief that the spirit of summer went into the evergreen shrubs and trees over winter and by bringing them into the house they were protecting life until the spring.


Lights, food, decorating with nature and spending time with family can be made into a festival any day of the year!

But perhaps not quite as extravagantly as this. Eden Project tropical biome lightshow 2021
Happy Winter Solstice!


  1. So astronomically, this means our summer is only starting now … which makes me really happy 🌞. Nature do provide lovely decorations for Christmas (or any other day of the year)!

    1. Heyjude says:

      You’ll have another 3 months of wonderful weather. Whilst we have the dreadful January to get through.

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