Almost a Winter’s Tale

Strictly speaking not quite winter as this was on 30 November, but it felt wintry in the cold, but fortunately sunny day. A visit to our local town Penzance was an excuse to go out for lunch. We were lucky enough to find free parking along the promenade, a rare event. On arriving at the pub we often use we were informed that their ovens were broken so there was a limited menu. Fish and chips were what we had come for and fortunately the fryers were unaffected.

Replenished we made our way through the Morrab Gardens and up to Penlee Park where we stopped for coffee in the Orangery (a café attached to the Penlee House Museum and Art Gallery) that also serves lovely cakes, but we were too full to take advantage.

Golowan Festival banners – mixed textiles – were made by members of the public who participated in a series of free banner making workshops in the lead up to the Golowan festival in June.

On the way we saw some lovely autumn flowering camellias as well as a Hebe hedge and a Callistemon (bottle-brush tree) in the front of a couple of houses in Morrab Road. (One of my favourite roads in Penzance).

Whilst the OH went off to his appointment I had a wander around the park and gardens.

Penlee Park

At this time of the year there are not a lot of plants in flower, though probably more than in other parts of the UK, so my focus was to hunt down anything with colour as well as seeking out interesting trees (more of that topic to come later).

Aubrey Villas (1894) along St Mary’s Terrace. A beautiful building overlooking the Morrab Gardens on a terrace where we ALMOST bought a house back in 2013 only to be gazumped at the last minute.
Penzance Lido with a view of St Michael’s Mount behind and the Lizard peninsula in the distance.

When we met up later we walked over to the Art Deco Lido at the end of the promenade and watched the sun go down behind Newlyn before heading home.

The sun setting behind the fishing village of Newlyn where this promenade leads to.

Jo’s Monday Walks


  1. When we wandered around Penzance and Newlyn during 2021 (half out of lockdown but outside catering only), I vowed to return one day when I didn’t have the car keys. So many great pubs!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Oh, yes there is no shortage of pubs in Penzance!

  2. Too full for cake?? Jo will be having a stern word with you! 🙂 That bottlebrush looks very healthy.

    1. Heyjude says:

      We rarely have cake, unless just having a coffee.

  3. Loved the banners and the autumn leaves. Looks like good time.

  4. It all looks so lovely – and you captured that squirrel beautifully. If we make it to Europe in 2023, we might escape from duty visits and head to Cornwall. It is certainly one plan.

  5. kzmcb says:

    Beautiful colours and is that a squirrel? I was hoping for a pirate or two, but really enjoyed the view.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Haha.. the pirates are part of the Golowan festival in June. Or the rugby club. And yes, that is one of our grey squirrels, a very friendly chap.

  6. susurrus says:

    A real rainbow of colours, still. The best part of a week of snow and frost has turned most plants brown around here, or so it seems.

    1. Heyjude says:

      I suspect not much has changed as we have only had a couple of frosts and not very hard. I still have some colour in my own garden which is very exposed and high up.

  7. I’m always surprised at how many flowers you find on your walks – and so colourful! But I do like the sunset shot the most in this post (yes, I’m a sucker for sunsets)!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Being so mild here there is a lot of southern hemisphere planting.

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