Where are the cows today?

Today is the last day of the walking squares. I have had a lot of fun with this month’s topic and hope that you have enjoyed walking with me. A special thank you to Becky, who is using daily walks to help her in her grieving process, for allowing us to come together and share our love of walking. I sincerely hope that she has gained some comfort from all the virtual walks this month.

Although going to and from my house means using the same lane (in either direction) it is a case of deciding on which hill to negotiate on the day. Living where I do means that no matter where I go there will be some kind of incline involved, unless I stay quite close! This week we’re going on the Brunnion loop.

The final stage of this walk is a well needed rest at the top of the steep hill leading home. Here while I catch my breath is this lovely view over the fields and the lane up to Trink Dairy where you can purchase non-homogenised milk from those pasture-fed ladies you can just about see in the fields in the background and in the feature photo.

Walking Squares

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  1. Ann Mackay says:

    What a lovely landscape! Ours is grey and uninviting right now, so trying not to be envious, hehe!

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