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I have been wondering where all the bees and butterflies have been this year as there has been little to see in my garden. However, this week things have improved and the Bee and Butterfly bed has rightly deserved its name. The late flowering Lobelia and Phlox have joined in with the party now.

Bees have been seen on the Echinops in the raised bed at the back of the garden as well as happily buzzing around the wild water mint which despite all my efforts to remove it keeps coming back. Still it is nice to see the bees enjoying the flowers.

Bees busy on the Wild Water Mint

And there have been butterflies a plenty, though not always easy to photograph. Several Red Admirals have looked very tattered with broken and torn wings. Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Large Whites have been seen. But I haven’t seen a Peacock in years!

And Geranium ‘Rozanne’ is absolutely smothered in bees and hoverflies and other pollinators. I have only had this plant a couple of years and although I love the way she flowers for months on end I am not happy at how much she loves to spread her wings. For a small garden with even smaller beds maybe this geranium was not the best choice.

It’s been another dry week in the south-east of the country with hosepipe bans being introduced in certain counties. Here in the far west of Cornwall we have had a few early morning showers which although keeping the grass green hasn’t really penetrated very deeply into the soil and some of the containers have had to be watered. Luckily most have pelargoniums in them and they are loving the sun.

As always, if you want a peek over other people’s garden walls then please pop over to our host, the lovely Jon, AKA ‘The Propagator’ where you find links to many more wonderful garden enthusiasts from all over the world.

See here for the participant’s guide.

Six on Saturday

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  1. I was eying Geranium ‘Rozanne’ in a garden centre last weekend but had a vague recollection you’d said something about it being a sprawler. It is lovely though and theirs were covered with bees too. I love the Echinops flowers – another plant I often admire in other gardens but don’t have for some reason.

    1. Heyjude says:

      My Rozanne covers about a square metre and that’s after I cut it back a few weeks ago! I’m going to have to rethink where to move it to.

  2. Lovely photos, Jude. Butterflies are not easy to capture, they never stay still long enough.

  3. margaret21 says:

    I’m pleased you have lots of butterflies as they’re pretty thin on the ground here so far. On the other hand, we have had rain, and quite a lot of it. Obviously you can’t win ’em all!

    1. Heyjude says:

      I usually see many more butterflies than this. I’m not complaining about the weather, it’s so nice to have sunny days when so often here in summer it is foggy and cooler.

      1. margaret21 says:

        While daughter and grandaughter were here – they’ve only just gone – sunny days were in short supply. They didn’t bring anything like enough cool weather and rainy weather gear and the first thing my daughter bought her daughter was welly-boots.

        1. restlessjo says:

          I could do with some more woollies 🤣💗

        2. Heyjude says:

          It’s cold up there? I thought that part of the country was still in the heat zone?

        3. restlessjo says:

          Just the difference between 16C and 30. It’s warmer today and I will adjust. Being kept busy with DIY and gardening 🤣💟

        4. Heyjude says:

          Oh dear! I remember when I came back from South Africa I had to go out and buy all the kids wellies and proper raincoats and snowsuits!

  4. kzmcb says:

    Do echinops give us echinacea?

    1. Heyjude says:

      No. Different plants. I haven’t tried growing echinacea yet, though I do like them.

  5. restlessjo says:

    Everything comes to them that wait! Car news? 🤗💗

    1. Heyjude says:

      Fixable, but will be another week or two… I shall have forgotten how to drive soon! Good flight?

      1. restlessjo says:

        Yes, straightforward journey, thanks.

  6. beetleypete says:

    A real bee-fest, and well captured, Jude.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

  7. Toonsarah says:

    Good to see your bees and butterflies returning in numbers!

  8. Your new and butterfly bed looks fab, am happy for you that the bees are back. I wouldn’t be without G. Rozanne as she sprawls happily down a hard to plant shallow soiled partly shaded slope near the house and brightens it up for months. I clip her hard back when she invades the path! But I do sometimes think, will you ever stop?! A bit relentless maybe.

  9. Those bees must be careful among the prickles on the Echinops! Lovely butterflies too.

  10. Rosie Amber says:

    Lovely to see all the bees and butterflies, I can almost here all the buzzing and humming.

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