Six on Saturday | Spring is marching on

Hard to choose just six this week as there is so much to choose from. With the help of a lot of bright sunshine this week more and more spring bulbs and flowers are popping up. And it has been a pleasure to spend time in the garden with the sun on my back whilst pulling out the hairy bittercress which is everywhere.

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I was surprised to see the (1) yellow and lilac osteospermum coming into flower already, in fact I was expecting these to die over the winter as they are not hardy types. (2) The ‘Pink Sunrise’ Muscari features again this week along with the Muscari ‘Latifolium’ which means ‘broad-leaved’. Most muscari varieties have narrow strappy leaves so this is quite different. I was hoping that the deep blue would make a nice contrast with the pale pink, but the jury is out. Possibly a paler blue would have been better? I do have some of those too which I will show next week.

Another welcome surprise is (3) Geum ‘Red Wings’  in flower as it’s flowering season is May – early autumn, though I have seen Geum ‘Bell Bank’ flowering in January and the bright orange (4) Calendula in the herb bed have been flowering throughout the winter months. (5) Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Ingwersen’s Variety’ has also come into growth and spreading along the woodland border wall. It took me a while to find a location that suited this plant.

Finally (6) are the Snake’s head fritillary / Fritillaria meleagris which I had planted in a grassy patch a couple of years ago. The grass didn’t work well as it became very messy over the summer and difficult to mow, so I removed it and replaced it with pebbles, unsure as to whether the bulbs would come through. But they have and the pretty patterned nodding heads look quite charming in the sunshine. I’m still undecided about this area and wondering whether to remove the pebbles and spread compost and bark chippings on it instead.

Snake’s head fritillary

The Snake’s head fritillary is the county flower of Oxfordshire and every year Ducklington church in Oxfordshire holds a ‘Fritillary Sunday‘ when the public can walk around a field full of this wildflower.

Enjoy your gardens this weekend as it appears that we are all due for some sunshine and it is of course the Vernal Equinox when daylight hours = night time hours! Yay! Spring has properly sprung,

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Six on Saturday


  1. Elizabeth says:

    We stepped out of Mass yesterday and were greeted with snow falling. This morning it is 12 degrees below freezing. At least I can surround myself with seed catalogs and the lovely pictures, such as yours, of flowers!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Ouch! That is cold! Brrrrrr… ❄️

      1. Elizabeth says:

        No spring planting going on here. The farmers are still waiting.

  2. Leya says:

    So many flowers already! Here we started a little with anemonies, and then…8- and snow yesterday! Love your fritillaries and all the fresh colours. Thank you for cheering us up. ♥

    1. Heyjude says:

      There has been quite a bit of snow over the country today, but fortunately not here in the south-west. A very chilly wind though.

      1. Leya says:

        We are all waiting for spring. And springy weather too. My forsythias went black yesterday…hardly in flower, but now gone. We need that yellow spark in spring – so sad.

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