Pelargoniums (3)

Pelargoniums have been a favourite of mine for many years beginning from when I lived in Cape Town, South Africa, back in 1980 and grew the regal variety outdoors. At the time my then husband and I collected the ones known as ‘slams’ in different colours.

Since moving to Cornwall I have bought several new plants over the last 5 years including:

Fairy Fantasy, Mr. Wren, Nellie Nuttall, Berkswell Golden Anniversary, Lord Bute, Carisbrooke, Black Prince, April Hamilton, Marchioness of Bute, Ardens, Lawrenceanum, White Boar, Aztec and Dark Secret.

All those that have been crossed out have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge or wherever it is plants go to die.

Scented Pelargoniums:
Sweet Mimosa, Prince of Orange, Pink Capricorn and Attar of Roses.

I also had several zonal pelargoniums, bought for summer colour, but kept over winter in the house or conservatory. Now I am not so bothered about keeping those over winter unless they are named varieties.

I’m not tempted to buy any more as I am determined to try and reduce the number of pots that I have. And overwintering hasn’t been too successful the past couple of years due to white fly.



  1. I’ve just realised I didn’t get any pelargoniums this year – I meant to! I Not only are they nice and colourful, survive without constant watering, but the slugs and snails don’t like them! Hooray! I’ve always got new ones each year, but perhaps next time I should try overwintering them in the shed.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Anything the S&S turn their noses up at is a big bonus in my garden!

  2. Leya says:

    Beautiful pelargoniums, Jude. I was buying new exciting ones every year, but as they too “crossed the bridge” one after the other, I have stopped. I only have my grandmothers’ two species now, and a couple of others – all strong and hardy, surviving every winter in my windows. Since last year I have my glass house with a frost warning system, so they survive there as well.

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