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I don’t feel like I have done anything in the garden this week except for endless weeding. How DO you get rid of bindweed? I have got more pebbles and cobbles and finally found the energy to finish removing the turf yesterday. I’ll leave it a few days to settle and then get the plants in that I have saved for this patch and then mulch with the pebbles. I also received some new Sempervivums and managed to pot them up.


(1) New Sempervivums (with friends) in the large round bowl. It will be a year or two before they fill out.

(2) New Osteospermums – I bought a couple of yellow ones for this summer’s patio pots and they are very cheerful. I don’t think they will survive the winter outdoors so I might bring them into the conservatory.

(3) Old Osteospermums
My old white and pale pink ones are going strong and wandering all over the garden. These have blue ‘eyes’ which tend to be the most hardy and stay outdoors all year round. They are planted in a stone wall so don’t have much in the way of soil.

(4) More daisy-like flowers – Erigeron glaucus ‘Sea Breeze’ is in full flower this month. It has spread across the same wall as #3 and into the gravel and I have cuttings in my Cornish hedge. In fact I have cuttings in the Bee & Butterfly bed that need to come out and be planted elsewhere as they are taking over!

(5) Erigeron karvinskianus, the Mexican fleabane, is a species of daisy-like flowering plant native to Mexico and parts of Central America. Other names include Latin American fleabane, Santa Barbara daisy, Spanish daisy, Karwinsky’s fleabane, or bony-tip fleabane. I tried growing this from seeds when I first moved here as I thought it would look lovely on the stone wall, but I wasn’t successful. Eventually I bought five seedlings from Sarah Raven. Be careful what you wish for. Once it decided it likes a location it really takes off! And clambers over any other plants in the vicinity. I am now trying to get some growing in the car-park (wild garden) on the little stone wall I have on one side. I don’t mind it it goes mad there!

(6) Help Required! Daylily Problem. I have two kinds of daylilies in my Bee & Butterfly bed. Both need splitting, but will have to wait until the autumn now. One is a pale apricot-yellow with a maroon eye which took a few years to settle, but last year was flowering throughout the summer

the other is a nice dark carmine-purple with a lime-yellow centre which only started flowering last year (Hemerocallis ‘Silent Sentry’). This is the one with the problems.

I have read about the Hemerocallis gall midge which is a tiny fly that lays eggs on the developing flower buds of day lilies. The feeding activities of the larvae inside the buds cause abnormal bud development and these buds fail to open. My flowers open, so I don’t think this is the issue, but have obviously been eaten by something inside the bud. I have not found any aphids or slugs on them. Possibly earwigs? But I haven’t seen them on the flowers either, though I do have them in the garden.

My final question to all you gardeners is about plug plants. I have bought several ‘super plugs’ this year, but have found them to be very small and needing to be potted on which I was hoping to avoid. And my tomatoes in peat-free compost are barely growing!  Have I just got a disappointing lot (from different online nurseries) or are the plants being sent out getting smaller? What’s your opinion?

In future I shall rely on the summer bedding provided by a local nursery or garden centre so I can see what I am buying. I am not saving money buying the plugs that’s for sure.

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Six on Saturday


  1. Wind Kisses says:

    Not sure what is eating your daylily. It is a pretty color though. Oh..and I love to weed. I think it is therapeutic. Wish I was there to help. Your garden is beautiful, always a work in progress which is what makes it so lovely. donna

    1. Heyjude says:

      You would be more than welcome to come and weed my garden!

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