A Bluebell Walk

Eventually the rain cleared away this week so that we could go on a bluebell walk. Although there are bluebells in our  lanes and on the hill, I wanted to visit a different location. One which is not too far away and which takes me on another of my favourite roads here in the west of Cornwall. Tehidy Country Park with  250 acres of peaceful woods and lakes to explore. We once went to look at a house for sale here, but didn’t pursue it because the garden was very small and there wasn’t any nearby amenities or bus route. Yes. I know. Where I live now isn’t exactly convenient. But in my defence the garden I have got is slightly bigger!

Back to the walk. From the North Cliffs Entrance which is on the B3301 coast road after Godrevy and Hell’s Mouth and before you reach Portreath, there is a pink signed walk which takes you around the best of the bluebells in the park. About a 2 mile walk so perfect for an evening stroll after the rain clouds had passed and the sun was shining over the sea.

We walked briskly through the woodland, stopping to take a photo or three, but appreciating the light filtering through the trees, the shade which enhanced the blueness of the flowers, the delights of songbirds and the overall stillness. Flashes of pink and purple from rhododendrons and red campion, fresh greens of ferns unfurling and leaves. The beauty of silver birch trees and the unusual twisted trunk of a very old beech tree.

Tehidy was formerly the estate of the Bassets, one of the four most powerful families in Cornwall with extensive lands and mineral rights in this western part of the county. So it seemed fitting that we ended the walk at Basset Cove just across the road. Too early to wait for the sun to set, but a lovely spot to return to.

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  1. dunelight says:

    Stunning! My heart yearns to walk through carpets of blue!

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