Square January #7


Always the optimist, Becky is hoping that 2021 will be a more positive year as we march onwards and upwards. Yes, the theme for January Squares is the word ‘up’ and as usual she invites us all to join her in a month of ‘ups’ of any description. The only absolute rule is that your main photograph must be SQUARE, and remember a square has 4 equal sides.

Lupins: Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine, is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae. Lupins are a cottage-garden favourite, offering height and colour to the middle of a border in May and June. They bear impressive, pea-like flowers, which are loved by bumblebees.

SquareUp | January 7th


  1. They’re so beautiful, Jude! Something to look forward to later in the year.

  2. Dina says:

    Well done for this creative take on the challenge, Jude. Very clever to add the strip of three. 👍🏻 You have me thinking there …

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    You had me at ‘lupins’ 🙂

    My level of optimism is on a wildly swinging pendulum right now. I was feeling pretty good with the world until I started reading blog posts about people getting their vaccine shots. Sigh. I don’t see getting a vaccine any time before the summer.

    How are you managing with your latest lockdown?

    1. Heyjude says:

      We still mainly stay at home now that most of the gardens are closed. I do the supermarket run and we are back to walking in the lanes. Not much has changed for us during the last 10 months. The OH should get his vaccine mid Feb so hopefully by Easter we will both have some protection and feel happier about going out more – if allowed of course.

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