1. margaret21 says:

    You’re having a real sunset feast at the moment, aren’t you? Nothing for us here today, I think. Foggy again.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Last year was terrible for sunsets and this is the time for good ones, so it’s so nice to see them.

      1. margaret21 says:

        Thanks for sharing!

        1. Heyjude says:

          Another pretty one tonight too! With that ‘almost green’ colour you sometimes get.

        2. margaret21 says:

          It’s grey as anything I here. I thought of you as I was walking and wondering if you were doing better – you were!

        3. Heyjude says:

          Yes, but you are doing more walking! I have definitely not done well on that score.

        4. margaret21 says:

          There’s always next year…

  2. Simply stunning – those colours! 😃

  3. Murtagh's Meadow says:


  4. Another one! Aren’t we lucky? 🙂

  5. beetleypete says:

    They are putting on a great show for you this year, Jude. We haven’t had any good ones locally since the end of summer.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    1. Heyjude says:

      It’s usually good at this time of year, but last year was dreadful as we had so much rain and fog. making the most of every sunny day! Today is lovely too.

  6. Jo Shafer says:

    This one gets a “WOW, Lord!”

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Amazing. Thanks.

  8. Leya says:

    Jude, I will have to bathe in this one…we never have any here. Gorgeous.

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