Welcome to the Terrace

A brisk walk through the shady woodland areas leads you up to the lawned terrace at the very top of Trengwainton Gardens. Here, as well as the two lovely arbours and seats with a view over towards the Lizard you will find a slate toposcope or direction finder.

The carvings were created by local artist Joe Hemming and represent the traditional industry, wildlife and legends of this area and shows where Trengwainton sits in relation to the surrounding villages and landmarks. For instance, the Lamb and Flag was the tin-smelting mark of the Bolitho family of the 18th & 19th century.

Up here the sunny border has a southern hemisphere feel to it, with banksia, protea, leucadendron and furcraea combining with annual seed mixes. In the summer, a border of blue and white agapanthus stretches its entire length.

The Bolitho family still live in the family home and this toposcope was created for the family – Edward (Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall) and wife Alexandra, twins Loveday and Octavia (1987) and son William (1990)


  1. Cathy says:

    What a lovely tactile feature

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