The last day for Becky’s July squares looking at ‘perspectives’. I haven’t joined in every day this month. My sense of perspective on life has changed a lot recently, as it has for many of us I think, with the confusing messages concerning how we can safely live our lives.

I recently spotted this pretty window with its rainbow of hearts. I think we could all do with love and rainbows during the months ahead.  Thanks Becky for hosting yet another interesting challenge in somewhat challenging times.

July Squares | Perspective


  1. That’s very pretty! I’ve been noticing a lot of ours have been taken down now which is a shame.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Only one I have noticed, but then I have been avoiding towns and there aren’t many houses in our tiny hamlet.

      1. I saw a picture of St Ives today – aaargh!

        1. Heyjude says:

          What I don’t understand is why they son’t have a one way system for pedestrians. I actually thought that had been put in place as cars have been stopped from going into the town. The streets are awfully narrow.

        2. I know, I remember them being tricky at the best of times. It’s crazy!

  2. susurrus says:

    I have loved seeing the posters and hearts in the windows. I’ve enjoyed the challenge too – such a great topic – but have been a bit flummoxed myself this month, especially towards the end. I discovered yesterday I hadn’t responded to any comments for a week.

    1. Heyjude says:

      I think all the uncertainty is very draining. I’m not an anxious person, never have been, but lately I find myself very nervous when people come too close to me. And I only really go out to the supermarket!

      1. susurrus says:

        I am a natural worrier, but it’s impossible to unleash my full potential for worrying at the moment.

        I wish you had a safe walk nearby where you could be out in nature as much as you could want. I believe it’s possible to miss flowers in a similar way you might miss people – a garden is especially missable. Luckily you have a lovely garden.

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