The George V Walk in Lockdown

During April most of my walks have been confined to the lanes around my home or up on ‘my’ hill (the one you can see in the background of the header photo and yes, that is how high up our house is). I have been doing my shopping at a small Tesco supermarket not too far away near St Ives, but last week I decided to head for the larger ASDA supermarket in Hayle as they have several items that I can’t get in the Tesco store. I was a bit dubious about how shopping in a larger shop would work and I did find it a little uncomfortable as couples are allowed in (they aren’t in Tesco) and some liked to walk side by side and not keep to the 2m distancing recommended. Anyway, shopping aside, I decided that whilst I was in Hayle I would use the opportunity to take my hour of exercise by visiting the lovely garden walk along the Copperhouse Pool. Last year I recorded the plants flowering in this garden every month as part of the Changing Season’s Challenge a good job I’m not doing that this year!

It was a warm day, but very misty, though the sun kept trying to break through. Often a dull, overcast sky is better for flower photos.

I was slightly concerned that there would be too many people exercising along the walk, but it was fairly quiet and those people who were about kept their distance in the main, though young couples and those with young children and babies in pushchairs didn’t seem to realise that they shouldn’t really take up the entire width of the path or stop and expect people to pass them by when there was no real space. It concerns me that they either think they are invincible, because of course this virus only affects oldies badly, or they really haven’t understood the rules. I’m not in general a person who is fond of rules, but at the moment I am willing to follow them as I personally have no idea how truly horrible this disease can be and I’d rather like to keep it that way.

You could smell the scent of the lilac tree well before seeing it. It’s a large tree and most beautiful at this time of year.

Strange times for us all, but as you can see Mother Nature is still doing her thing.

Jo’s Monday Walk


  1. I don’t think I’d mind lockdown so much if I had as many lovely places to walk as you do. Between your beautiful countryside and this walk, I’m not sure which one I like best. I suppose each one offers its own kind of tranquility.

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