A Candyfloss Sky

“Sailor’s warning on 19 November 2019.”

I awoke to a sky as sweet as spun sugar at 07:30 the other morning. Typical of the weather saying ¹

“Red Sky at night – Sailor’s Delight,
Red Sky in the morning – Sailor’s Warning”

the day soon disintegrated into the grey and gloom we have been experiencing for what seems weeks now. Virtually every day has seen rain at some point. Last night was no exception, but I am happy to say it has been sunny and dry since midday, though those ominous black clouds still lurk in the distance.

¹ Cold fronts usually move from west to east. When a cold front is to the west of your location, the morning sun is reflected in the cloud to the west and shows the cloud to be red, due to the angle of the sun’s rays hitting the cloud. This means that there is a system to your west that may come your way, bringing bad weather. This explains why “Red sky in the morningsailors take warning“. Conversely, red sky at night means that the sun’s rays coming from the west are turning the sky to the east red. The cloud (and associated weather system) has passed over your location and you can anticipate moderating weather. That explains why “Red sky at night, sailors delight”.


  1. Sublime! And thanks for the explanation (I’ve always said shepherds too).

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