Changing Seasons – August 2019

August has passed all too quickly and with many more visits to the hospital. A quick walk along the George V garden was made after a morning of rain! Whist the rest of the UK suffered from yet another heatwave this month, we in Cornwall remained in a state of Cornish mizzle¹ for much of the time. There have been some lovely sunny days too, but not the high temperatures seen elsewhere.

(And thank you Chloris for a correct ID of the first plant)

(click on the collage to enlarge image)
George V Memorial Walk – august 28 2019
  • Row 1: Spartium junceumSpanish Broom, Verbascum ‘Dark Eyes’, ‘French’ Lavender / Lavandula Stoechas, Himalayan honeysuckle Leycesteria formosa
  •  Row 2: Caryopteris x clandonensis  / Bluebeard, Sedum, Cape Fuchsia / Phygelius aequalis ‘Yellow Trumpet’, Antirrhinum / snapdragon
  • Row 3: Seed capsules from a Canna Lily, Crinum powelli or Swamp Lily/Cape Lily, Calceolaria integrifolia / Lady’s Slipper, Hardy hibiscus
  • Row 4: Bergenia / Elephant’s Ears, Fig leaf and fruit, White Amaryllis Belladonna, Light through Canna Lily leaves.

All these photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 (12.1MP, 12x Optical Zoomcamera which is quite old, but small enough to slip into my pocket, so the pictures are probably not quite as good as usual as this doesn’t have a viewfinder and I find it difficult to see whether the image is sharp on a small screen.

¹(Mizzle is a term used in Devon and Cornwall for a combination of fine drenching drizzle or extremely fine rain and thick, heavy saturating mist or fog. While floating or falling the visible particles of coarse, watery vapour might approach the form of light rain. The word itself derived from the Frisian mizzelen meaning – what a surprise – drizzle. However, a day with mizzle is usually characterised by dull and depressing weather and some sort of permanent twilight, or ‘dimpsey’ as another good old west country word puts it.)

The Changing Seasons | August


  1. Su Leslie says:

    Your photos are lovely Jude — you’ve done a great job. I hope your son’s health improves soon. Sending lots of warm kiwi aroha.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks Su. Onwards and upwards…

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    A lovely selection. Hopefully your son is on the improve.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks LD 🙂

  3. pommepal says:

    Always so much colour in your part of the world jude. Sorry to hear your son is still hospitalised, hope he is soon on the road to recovery

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