Under the Tamarisk tree

I used to have Tamarisk trees in our garden in Cape Town. They are extremely good in coastal locations as their natural preference is for sun and sand, the salt in the air and in the moisture from the ground near the sea acts as a moisture regulator. It provides a built-in guard against transpiration. The pretty pink, feathery-flowered tree looks good and in Cornwall you often see them grown as hedges. This particular grove is on Pentire West headland, the flowers are only just beginning to appear but will flower for a couple of months and I love how this frames the stile on the coastal path.


  1. I have one in my garden and it grows like weeds on the Prarie. It doesn’t half make a mess when it sheds though lol

    1. Heyjude says:

      Had to fish you out of the Spam folder. Can’t have you mixing with the riffraff in there! Lucky you having one of these trees, mess or not the pink feathery plumes have got to be worth it 😀

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