Changing Seasons – April 2019

I wasn’t sure that I’d get a walk in this month as I usually leave it until the third week and that was when storm Hannah struck. Flower photography is nigh on impossible when it is windy, especially when combined with rain. Fortunately the sun came out on the last day so I dashed down to Hayle to get some photos. There are a lot more than 25 new flowers in bloom, but some will be the same in May, although I did see lots of buds too! A shame I cannot provide the smells as in parts it was as if we were in a sweet shop! Lilac, liquorice, honey, lavender…

(click on the collage to enlarge image)

George V Memorial Walk – april 30 2019
  • Row 1: Libertia Chilensis (grandiflora), Scented Pelargonium, Aquilegia (Granny’s Bonnets), Phlomis fruiticosa, Geum
  •  Row 2: Nasturtium, Lilac, Cistus  ladanifer (Rock rose), Lavender, Fan Palm in flower
  • Row 3: Red Bottlebrush (Callistemon), Violet tulips, A Fairy Door¹, Red Valerian (Centranthus ruber), Oxalis incarnata
  • Row 4: Echium pininana , Cistus x argenteus ‘Silver Pink'(Rock Rose), Potentilla, Lunaria annua (Honesty), Gerbera
  • Row 5: Unknown shrub (smells of liquorice), Aquilegia (Granny’s Bonnets), Cistus x purpurea (Rock rose), Foxglove tree flower (Paulownia tomentosa), Arum lililes (Zantedeschia)

All these photos were taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 using a 45mm prime lens.

¹ The fairy doors have been placed along the walk by Danny Saville and Demelza Cremin. They leave the fairy doors out overnight in and around Hayle for children to find.

The Changing Seasons | April


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