Although winter is not my favourite season by any stretch of the imagination, I still like to get out for a walk if it is not actually raining. Fortunately I can walk into the countryside from my front door and only five minutes along the lane there are views over St Ives Bay to the north Cornish coast, newborn lambs in the fields and signs of new life in the hedges.

The Cornish hedges¹ usually hidden by a cloak of greenery are now revealed. Moss, ivy and navelwort climbing up and over.

And of course that wonderful view of Godrevy lighthouse in the misty distance.

¹ A Cornish hedge is technically a dry-stone wall, but usually with bushes or trees growing along the top. It is never called a ‘hedgerow’ or a ‘wall’. The hedges may be of bare stone encrusted with lichens and mosses, or disappear under luxuriant greenery.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 33 | Nature


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