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WordPress once used to send us a report at this time of year with all sorts of statistics to let us know which of our posts were the most popular etc. They haven’t done this for a couple of years now, so I decided to have a little browse around the Stats pages myself.

All Time Viewings (which is only from April 2016 when this blog was first published)

  1. About
  2. Monthly Photo Challenge August
  3. A Walk to Hell’s Mouth
  4. In my garden | Summer’s End
  5. Siblyback Lake
  6. Thursday Special | Nubilous
  7. Big and Beautiful
  8. Trencrom Hill
  9. Up on the Hill
  10. A Winter Walk

And during the last year (2018)

  1. About
  2. Big and Beautiful
  3. Up On the Hill
  4. Six on Saturday | Lost Gardens of Heligan
  5. Six on Saturday | September Edition
  6. Six on Saturday | Japanese Garden
  7. Six on Saturday | Mid-August Edition
  8. Cornish Beaches | Porthkidney
  9. Changing Seasons | January
  10. A Walk to the Lighthouse

So what, if anything, can I conclude from this? Well one thing is obvious, you really do need to have an About Page on your blog with some information preferably about yourself and the purpose of the blog. I must confess that when I receive a comment from a new blogger I always check out their About page before approving the comment. Something for new bloggers to take into account. Secondly it is interesting that the posts that get the most views are not my photographs. On the whole, with a couple of exceptions, it seems viewers of this blog prefer to read longer posts and those that are more personal i.e. my garden, my family, my life. Although I try not to bring a lot of my personal life into my blogs, it is apparent that those are the most popular posts. Something for me to consider in going forward. I have included links to the relevant posts so that if you have missed any you can pop along and have a gander. I would also be interested to know which type of my posts YOU prefer.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope this is an improvement on the last one, though I wouldn’t mind another heatwave any time soon!


  1. I actually like a mixture of posts Jude – sometimes a beautiful photo can be so inspiring. There are some weeks (like recently!) when I don’t have any time for blogging and I like to properly read a post rather than just flicking through. When I have a bit more time I catch up on reading and that is when I’ll read the longer posts. I have a smaller group of bloggers whose posts I try to read as regularly as I can such as yourself but if I’m not around for a while I haven’t gone far and always try to catch up again when time permits! Your garden photos and posts are always delightful and I love reading about the pretty villages and Cornish coastline of your new home. Wishing you all the very best for 2019 🙂

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks Rosemary, I appreciate your lovely comment. I will probably continue to blog the way I have been with maybe a little more information about the photos I post and slightly more chatty posts. Thank you for taking the time to look over some of my older posts, I know it is not always easy to play ‘catch-up’
      Wishing you and your family a lovely 2019 too 🙂

      1. Thanks Jude – you’re most welcome. I am trying to work out a more disciplined blogging schedule this year both writing and reading they are both equally important! We’ll see how things go. All the best for a very happy 2019 🙂

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