Whilst strolling along the cliffs at Godrevy I looked up towards the Point and noticed this person standing right on the edge of the area overlooking Mutton Cove (where the seals bask). After taking the shot I thought it was rather odd. The woman appears to have three legs. On zooming in I realise that there are in fact two people, one taking the selfie has his/her arm around the woman and most of his/her body is hidden.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #13 | Look Up!


  1. If you hadn’t let on, we might have thought you’d seen something really unusual!

  2. However many legs this looks somewhat precarious! A bit too close to the edge for my liking!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Mine too! Though I was actually quite close to another edge myself to take this shot.

      1. I’m glad you kept your footing!

  3. Dina says:

    It really looks like a there legged person! 😀 Great shot, Jude.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks Dina! Always a good idea to look around you when carrying a camera – you never quite know what you might find.

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