Hell’s Mouth

I have taken you to Hell’s Mouth before on a walk with my son from Godrevy Point. A couple of weeks ago I had to nip over to Truro to collect some pebbles to finish off my gravel garden. The traffic on the A30 heading towards Penzance and St Ives is horrendous at this time of year so I made the decision to head off onto the coast road – the B 3301 along the Godrevy Heritage Coast. I figured that there might be some nice heather to photograph along North Cliffs and then I could stop off at Hell’s Mouth and grab a coffee and slice of cake in the café there.

Lots of different shades of heather here – from pale lilac / almost white to deep pink. The yellow is vetch I think.

One of the nice things about Hell’s Mouth is watching the crashing waves on the rocks, though on this particular day it was quite calm, the other is watching the gulls in the thermals. They rise up the cliffs and then appear above your head. Fascinating to watch. I don’t know the ID of gulls other than the Herring Gull which has grey and black-tipped wings and the Greater Black-backed Gull, which has black wings.

From the top of the cliff you can see along North Cliffs towards Portreath and even further northwards on a clear day.

More colour in the fields and hedgerows.

Hell’s Mouth – South-West Coastal path heading south towards The Knavocks and Godrevy Point

After half an hour walking along the cliffs and south-west coastal path I returned to the café for a lovely strong Flat White and a piece of carrot cake. I have to say that the carrot cake was disappointing. After years of dreaming about this wonderful moist cake, this portion was rather dry. Oh well.

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  1. Lignum Draco says:

    You made the right choice. This is a beautiful area and these are lovely photos, Jude. It looks like you had a great day out, barring the carrot cake.

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