Cornish favourites: Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps

Yesterday I reblogged this post, but the excerpt from the original appeared very badly formatted – I learned that you cannot edit the excerpt and you cannot undo the reblog to try again. One of my readers, the lovely Dina, wondered whether it is possible to simply copy and paste the original, leaving the images on the original blog. Now that seemed like a good idea as I have noticed that when you do reblog a post the images (or at least some of them) are copied into your media library. So here is the same post, copied and pasted from the original on Travel Words.

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Edit: I have since realised that galleries cannot be copied. So I have decided to copy part of the original post and then link to it rather than use the reblogging feature.

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We started at the NT car park at Carnewas (along the north Cornish coast half-way between Padstow and Newquay) where there is a lovely tea-room which is open throughout the summer months. From here you cannot see anything of the coastline.

Well established paths lead you through the gorse on a detour to the cliffs from where you have amazing views of the cliffs in both directions, along to Trevose Head and the spectacular sea stacks at Bedruthan beach and south towards Mawgan Porth.

Coastal Path looking south
Looking north to the Bedruthan Steps
Looking Down
Looking Down

After admiring the views return to the main path and continue down the wide steps to the bottom where you have good views over the beach when there is a low tide, or the waves crashing over the rocks when there isn’t.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    There is set of “Giant’s Steps” on the central Maine coast. It is fun to think of a huge giant walking out of the sea on such a rock formation.

  2. pommepal says:

    I like this idea Jude and I will give it a try at some time in the future, especially as it doesn’t gobble up your data…

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Makes sense to put all your Cornwall posts in the one blog, regardless of how you do it.

  4. I like the copy-and-paste version better than the reblog. I’m usually reading in my phone, and this version stays formatted much better. And I really enjoyed the post. Such lovely blue skies when we have grey winter days here.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks for the feedback Susan, good to know 🙂

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