Siblyback Lake

The weather forecast wasn’t good, but my daughter and her family had come down to Cornwall for the weekend to meet up with her elder brother and his family who were over from Australia. Having spent the previous day on the beach we decided to head to Bodmin Moor and Siblyback Lake where there is a water activity centre. I thought the older grandchildren might enjoy doing some kayaking or SUP.

In the end we just walked the 4 miles around the lake. The weather was cloudy and rain threatened, but held off long enough for us to finish the walk and eat our picnic before we headed off in different directions.

A bench with a view – well if it wasn’t quite so cloudy!

The path leads around the lake close to the shoreline, meandering through a couple of woodland sections, some peaty bogs and puddled pathways. So much green.

The three-year old took turns to walk with his uncles and his grandmother (me) checking out the dens, the cows and the puddles.

Although the sky remained a resolute grey with clouds coming and going, the light was still good enough for some nice reflective photos and the surrounding fields and hills glowed in their greenery.

Reaching the dam wall meant we were more than half way around. There are some lovely picnic tables here which would have made a great place to stop and eat if we hadn’t left all the food in the cars.

Finally we reached the gate leading out onto the last leg of the walk, along the road back to the car park and café. Lorenzo was a little worried that I would be left behind as his mum held open the gate. As usual I was busy taking photographs.

Wait for me!

If you like a walk, long or short, then please visit Jo for her regular strolls in the UK and the Algarve and maybe you would like to join in too. She’s very welcoming.


  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    Loved this walk with you today! So much green! We both seem to be having the endless grey skies, but at least you’re looking at green. I’m seeing more and more lifeless brown 😕 The dreary months are now ahead.

    1. Heyjude says:

      We have had some blue sky, but a lot of cloud cover. Still very mild though. All I want to do is sleep and I am convinced that is because of the daylight hours having reduced 😦

      1. Joanne Sisco says:

        I’m the same. I find it hard to motivate myself to get out of bed when it’s still dark. Sadly that now means it is around 7:30 am.

        The happy side of retirement is that I can indulge myself in more sleep. Afternoon naps? THE. BEST. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I first thought it was called “Sillyback Lake.” I was delighted. But the pictures of the real place are lovely and an interesting change from the beach scenes. So much green. Here everything is beige and brown as winter nears.

    1. Heyjude says:

      You don’t know how many times I wrote Sillyback!

  3. Anabel Marsh says:

    Lovely walk, very atmospheric. I moan about our weather (just a teeny bit), but a day like that has it’s own kind of beauty. Still can’t resist a good bench I see!

    1. Heyjude says:

      The bench just kind of snuck in 😉
      And yes, we don’t always have to have sunny weather to be outdoors.

  4. A stunning collage Jude. Reminds me of my childhood in England 🙂

  5. Chillbrook says:

    A fairly typical Cornish day by the looks of it Jude but a nice way to spend the day with your extended family despite the Cornish weather. 🙂

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