Loe Bar Circular Trail through Penrose Estate

I’m not fond of a walk where you have to return the same way. I’m the same with driving, often seeking a different road back from where we’ve been. It’s not always possible of course, but the Penrose estate near Porthleven and Helston provides several circular routes within the park, including one which leads to the coast around Loe Pool which is separated from the sea by a sand bar named Loe Bar. There you will find an all year round dog walking beach because it is far to dangerous to swim there. My last visit was with the OH a few months ago when we had to turn round and walk back the same way as he suffers from vertigo and cannot cope being near the cliff edge.

No such problem with my son though, and he was happy to continue along the South West coastal path and then up the lane back to the car park on Penrose Hill.

Coastal Path

As you exit the wooded trail through Bar Walk Plantation you get your first view of the open expanse of Mount’s Bay which stretches from the Lizard Point to Gwennap Head.

A wonky wall

Several years ago I attempted to walk on this part of the South West coastal path, but it was so close to the edge I gave up. Now, due to cliff erosion, the path has been recreated further inland and it is much wider and safer. Altogether a lovely walk and with some stunning views up and down the coastline, south towards the Lizard and north to Rinsey Head.

Perched precariously on the cliffs to the east of Trewavas Head are the two engine houses that form the remains of Wheal Trewavas mine.

Leaving the coastal path behind we turned right uphill on Cooper’s Lane where there is another small National Trust car park at Highburrow where you can follow an inland bridle path which leads you through the estate and past the overgrown mine shafts of Wheal Rose back to the Penrose Hill car park.


We continued along the lane which was clothed in Traveller’s Joy and wild blackberries then turning right onto Shrubberies hill we soon reached the car. Total walk is around 5 miles and there is a small café at the Stables on the estate where we stopped for a panini and a coffee. If you continue into Porthleven itself you will find plenty of eateries and galleries.

If you like a walk, long or short, then please visit Jo for her regular strolls in the UK and the Algarve and maybe you would like to join in too. She’s very welcoming.


  1. Those photographs are gorgeous!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. I remember thinking some of the walking paths seemed very close to the edge in places. This day last year we were at Land’s End.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Bit breezy here today, but sunny. Still haven’t been to Land’s End (not since 1991).

      1. I think you would find it very different and perhaps not as nice. It’s quite commercial now. It was still great to go there because it’s one of those places we all know about, but for natural beauty we preferred Lizard. Having said that, I loved the Shaun the Sheep exhibition – very interesting. He’s such a cutie.

        1. Heyjude says:

          It was commercial when I went but my boys enjoyed some of the exhibits and we saw a fabulous film about shipwrecks and lost islands. I’d still like to get some photos of the coastline along there so one day! Plus I can get free parking as a local 🙂

        2. Well, that’s a bonus. I remember posting on Facebook at the time that it was free to go to Land’s End but the car had to pay. It wasn’t cheap either.

  3. mickscogs says:

    Beautifully captured Jude. I hope I can be there one day.

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