Zig Zag

Does anyone know what causes this strange zig-zag pattern on the sea? Definitely not reefs and hardly any wind to mention. I have never seen this before. Very pretty though.

Edit: Thanks to the clever research of Canadian Sue Slaght this phenomenon could be Langmuir circulation. Thanks Sue!

Other phenomena that have been easy to see on these glassy seas are the parallel lines of Langmuir circulation. They resemble corresponding paths of dark and light lines on the ocean’s surface that linger up and down the coastline. They can be easily seen from a boat or the shoreline.


  1. I want to know what Sue used for her search. I’m hopeless at search terms. I was going to ask my son, but I don’t need to remember now. A lovely photo of subtle zigzag.

  2. J > Currents. Very complicated to explain. Helps is you understand the technical concept shear.

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