Monthly Photo Challenge: March

Oh, March, where did you go to so quickly? You flew by without me noticing and without my usual photo excursions. You started off raging like a lion, fierce winds ripped through the garden and down the chimney flue causing it to whistle and whine and making it too dangerous to light the fire. This was followed by a week of fog and mist and greyness. March has been the greyest month so far despite the lengthening of the days and then the forwarding of the clocks giving us an extra hour of daylight in the evening.

One fairly spectacular sunset in early March

I watched as my hyacinths flowered and then were battered by the wind, the rain, the hail. I watched the daffodils in the lane bloom and die before I could even get a photo of them. I watched the garden birds chase each other around the trees: the chaffinches, the house sparrows, robins, blue tits and great tits. Willy Wagtail has been missing in action and the fieldfares have flown back to their homelands, even the starlings have departed to pastures new. So it is back to the corvids who have taken their position on the roof of the barn once more. A lonesome buzzard made an appearance and circled the sky looking for prey.

We have made a decision not to try and convert the two small rooms into one large one and open the loft as a mezzanine as it has become apparent that this is a lot more work than we had anticipated. For some reason builders are not keen to take on the work, so we need to get an architect in and that will push the price up. As well as that we have loaned part of our house fund to my daughter to help her to extend her house and create a 3rd bedroom for the boy child. I say child, but he turns 15 next month and had thus far spent 13 years sharing with his sister(s).

So, the remaining money in the pot has now been spent on a new bed and mattress (when did they get so expensive?) and flooring for the “east wing”. Which meant removing all the furniture already in those rooms, and decorating them before the flooring goes down. It took me weeks pouring over paint charts to decide on colours, and with both the rooms being north facing and receiving little light (deep walls) and no sunshine, except for one which does receive some light from a south-facing Velux, it was a tricky decision. White is too cold, yellow can be sickly and I longed for some colour after years of living with neutral decor. So the music studio/office (the room with the most light) has become a quartz grey with soft white trim and the 2nd bedroom is now a gentleman’s club with deep grey-green walls which hopefully will come alive with the warm oak of the new bed and some strategic lighting.

Several windows and misted up ones are going to be replaced so at last it won’t look as though it is constantly raining. Because it isn’t, really, even if I do complain about the fog a lot.

Dining – eventually

Of course all this emptying of rooms has had a significant affect on the rest of the house and being open plan it means the whole place looks cluttered and messy again. I wish we had done this last year before we moved in, but sometimes you need to live in a place before you understand how best to use the rooms and how they react to light throughout the year.

The ‘New’ Library

This has had an impact on the amount of blogging I have done this month too. Although some of that can be blamed on our abysmal connection this month. Some evenings it doesn’t stay up long enough to even view a blog, let alone write a post! Despite upgrading the router to the best(?) our broadband seems to be getting worse. Soon it will be time to bite the bullet and speak to BT – something I am not looking forward to.

Pretty in Pink

The sheep are in the fields, the cattle are grazing once again and the bulls next door are practising for the choir, though to be fair I hardly notice them now. Hawthorn or is it blackthorn is in flower and my tulips are already beginning to open. And Alice is still there whenever I look outside.


So, March has gone. We have been in our new home a year now and it feels as though we are settled in.  The house is a tip – AGAIN!! Though at least there is no book mountain… and soon we shall have everything back in its place. And hopefully I shall make the time to do the things I kept saying I would do in March! Like a walk on the beach, visit a few gardens, go out for lunch. You know, those important things in life 🙂

(And yes, I do realise that I am posting this in April, but I was hoping you wouldn’t notice)

The Cardinal is continuing his photo project throughout 2017 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. Read his blog for the new rules this year (he is running two versions) and to view his interpretation and those of other participants.


  1. Anabel Marsh says:

    Oh dear. That all sounds very trying. Hope April is more relaxing for you – but you’ve still produced some very bonny photos for March!

    1. Heyjude says:

      Thanks Anabel. It will be worth it in the long run, though I think my decorating days are over! My hands are like sausages!

  2. beetleypete says:

    It seems that we have exchanged weathers. It has been unusually good here (I know, I shouldn’t say it) with warm sunny days, (mostly) and crisp nights. We even got to 22 C one day last week!
    Good luck with the ongoing house jobs. I have been here five years and haven’t got as much done as you have.
    Shame about the broadband, but that’s the trade off for the views, I suppose.
    best wishes, Pete. x

    1. Heyjude says:

      We have had a few lovely days, but too much to do to go out. I shall be glad when this phase is over and I can begin to enjoy life down here again!

  3. You have to post in April. March isn’t over till then! Happy one year in your new place. I love these monthly updates. You write so well that I feel as if I’ve been a nearby onlooker (heaven forbid I should pick up a paintbrush), and the photos enhance that feeling. I particularly love the shot of ghostly Alice.

    1. Heyjude says:

      It was a gorgeous day today and I really should have gone to the Cornish flower show, but I was SO tired! I took one of Alice in focus and the black/haw thorn faded, but I preferred this one. Hopefully I shall get out more after next week!

  4. Happy one year anniversary, Jude. I really empathise with you over all the upheaval and mess. It will come right eventually. I’ve learned the art of patience in adversity, although hubby may not agree with me. 🙂 It’s not easy choosing paint colours, but you seem to have made good choices. Love your photos, especially the tulip macro. xx

    1. Heyjude says:

      I went a bit overboard with the tulips as I hadn’t had any for two years and I love them. I have some gorgeous orange, bronze and plum coloured ones in the back, these are at the front of the house and start off white and then develop the pink streaks as they age, really pretty. Trying to get out into the garden has been difficult, but I have managed to do some weeding. Once the inside of the house is sorted then the garden will be my priority.

  5. Sue says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope you get sorted in the not too distant future….

    1. restlessjo says:

      Are you back, Mistress Sue, or just passing through? 🙂

      1. Sue says:

        Back, Madam Jo, but easing in….may not post for a few days Good to hear from you!

    2. Heyjude says:

      Should be all done by next week – OH away for a few days and when he is back we will move the furniture (and his umpteen guitars) back into the correct location. I think I will get a decorator in for the rest of the house!

      1. Sue says:

        Oh, that sounds like progress! And getting a decorator in sounds a wise move…..

        1. Heyjude says:

          Indeed. Expensive, but necessary in the rooms with high ceilings!

        2. Sue says:

          Oh, most definitely!

  6. restlessjo says:

    It’s a good job you take such good photos because you’re a proper whinge, our Jude 🙂 🙂 ‘East wing’ indeed! Sounds like you might just have space for little old me. If I wasn’t so cheeky 🙂 🙂 It’s all looking very tasteful. Now, I believe you need a holiday.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Hehe… you know me Jo. And we do in fact have a holiday coming up at the end of the month, that is if we can afford it as there are none less than three grandkids, a son and a sister in law birthdays! Thank goodness they all don’t get presents!

  7. A year already! All the upheaval and hassle will be worth it when the job is done. You will enjoy your beautiful rooms then.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Indeed Carol. No pain, no gain. OH would be perfectly happy with the status quo, but I hate it when things aren’t right and these rooms definitely weren’t. I will be glad to be rid of the mucky carpets 🙂

  8. Your March doesn’t seem to have been much different than mine. Hopefully you’ll have some warmer weather soon and get outside. Cheers.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Well today was pretty perfect 🙂

  9. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely photos from what looks like a very trying month. Your new colours sound lovely. Happy house-iversary.

    1. Heyjude says:

      I used to love decorating and probably did the entire house over every couple of years, but of course I was thirty years younger then! But once we have the flooring down and move things into their right place it will be much better.

      1. Su Leslie says:

        Yes; it’s really satisfying to get things back into place at the end of any disruption.

  10. Joanne Sisco says:

    As gloomy as March might have been, you more than made up for it with glorious flowers!! It will be a long time before I see flowers so your’s are greatly appreciated. I love the Alice and the blue pot with the Hyacinth.

    Happy decorating and putting your house back in order. Choosing paint colour is the WORST!! I like the sound of your grey. I am really looking forward to changing the colour in our living-room and dining-room. It can’t come soon enough, but settling on a colour will be painful.

    1. Heyjude says:

      So many lovely colours out there now, it makes deciding so difficult. The bedroom is small and naturally dark, it was white but always felt dingy as no light to bounce around. I persuaded OH that going dark would work as it would be cosy and as a bedroom, only really used at night anyway. He does actually like the end result and I think once the floor is down and the oak bed in it will look much better.

      1. Joanne Sisco says:

        I think you’re right. It’s interesting how a dark room can handle a darker colour. I did that in my guest bedroom and just love the result.

        1. Heyjude says:

          We were always told that dark rooms should be light, but that doesn’t work if there is no light to bounce around. It just looks cold and dingy. I like to think this option will make it cosier.

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