1. beetleypete says:

    I don’t think I would like to go to sea in that upturned ‘Jonathan Seagull’, Jude! I wouldn’t trust that outside of a paddling pool.
    Nice local colour, in both senses.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    1. Heyjude says:

      That’s just a crate Pete, not a boat, I couldn’t resist the name 🙂

      1. beetleypete says:

        Shows how much I know about boats, Jude! x

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I thought I had lots of boat names but I was wrong. One of my pics will be one though. I recognise Kerensa from another of your photos, see I do pay attention, I hope you ‘re impressed.

    1. Heyjude says:

      Deeply impressed. I need to get down on to the harbour beach in St Ives and do more close-up boat shooting!!

  3. jmacindoe says:

    Great collection of shots!

  4. Great take on the challenge!

  5. restlessjo says:

    Loved the sunset header of Michael’s Mount! 🙂 🙂

    1. Heyjude says:

      Ah, yes. I have been playing with the themes on my blog. Glad you approve – but it is not ST Michael’s Mount, it’s a favourite of yours, the Godrevy lighthouse 🙂

      The rain arrived at about 5 am 😦

    2. Sherri says:

      You beat me to it Jo, I was about to say the same thing! It’s a beautiful photo Jude! 🙂

  6. Such pretty colours and wonderfully relaxing photos – a gentler pace of life 🙂

  7. Jane Lurie says:

    Wonderful series, Jude. I love to walk the marina docks and look at all the clever names of boats.

  8. Sherri says:

    Boat names always fascinate me…I can hear the waves and smell the salt when I come to your lovely blog Jude 🙂

    1. Heyjude says:

      Smells a bit ‘cowy’ today… 😀

      1. Sherri says:

        Oh dear…living by fields has its ups and downs, I remember well from growing up in the Suffolk countryside 😉

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