And now the year is over…

The end of the year marks nine months of living in our new county. It has been a time of adjustment. Moving from living in the historic centre of a delightful market town along with easy access to great butchers, bakers, a thrice-weekly market, a lovely river walk and stunning Shropshire hills, to a rural abode next door to a cattle farm and within 1.5 miles of beautiful beaches, has been ‘interesting’. It has been a time of settling in and exploring the new neighbourhood. Taking time to put down roots.  And making time to simply observe what is all around us.


Top row: March daffodil fields; October St Ives harbour beach; December fireside; June Japanese Garden

Middle row: April St Michael’s Mount; August sunset

Bottom row: July Trink hill and Wheal Alice; November local fingerpost; May Gwithian beach; September Trengwainton’s scarecrows

Just a little taster of my new life. Next year I hope to do a bit more exploring – there are beaches to discover, country parks, NT gardens, Bodmin moor, fishing villages and tea-rooms.

I hope you will join me.


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  1. Dina says:

    I’m sorry, I have missed sooooo many posts here, Jude. I’ll catch up now. 😉
    Sunny greetings from Cley x

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