Monthly Photo Challenge: October

October has been a strange month. Quiet. Having returned home after three weeks travelling east and north to Scotland it was a relief to be back home and unpack. Living out of a suitcase for more than a few days becomes very wearying. I also missed my garden, which had turned feral whilst I was away – weeds spreading themselves all over the veggie beds, grass growing as high as my knees. It took a while to tame it all again.


After a slightly damp and foggy start to the month the weather changed and with an easterly wind we experienced a wind free garden for over a week. The first time since moving here. The sun shone though it wasn’t always very warm and although we had a couple of walks to the hill and drives to St Ives for shopping and chores, and a visit to the delightful Mousehole (Mowzel) for a celebratory lunch we didn’t really go out anywhere. I think after the previous hectic weeks we wanted to nest again and just enjoy the peaceful surroundings of our country home. To be honest having views like these makes us a little lazy when it comes to exploring our new county.


And then I went to Barcelona. Returned and fell ill with a fluey/cold virus which kept me out of the garden and off the computer for a while.

Of course I always take my camera with me when I leave the house so I do have a few photos to share from this month. Above is from the circular walk around Trencrom Hill and below images from Mousehole and St Ives.

A birthday sunset
A birthday sunset

On the beach

The sun is so low now that even in mid afternoon it casts long shadows, and since Sunday when the clocks went back (why do we still mess about with the clocks?) the sun disappears over the hills at 5:00 and by 5:30 it is dark.  We are now entering my least favourite time of the year, but my first winter in Cornwall so I am slightly more enthusiastic wondering what is in store for us.


The Cardinal is continuing his photo project throughout 2016 – a blogging event, a monthly photo challenge. Read his blog for the new rules this year (he is running two versions) and to view his interpretation and those of other participants.


  1. KerryCan says:

    Lovely photos–they make me want to hop on the next plane and visit again!

  2. susurrus says:

    Hope you’re soon feeling back on top form. I’ve always liked the autumn but am not keen on the clocks going back – it takes a few days to resign ourselves to it, doesn’t it? Those beach shots are so atmospheric.

  3. restlessjo says:

    I got confused there and thought On the beach was a separate post. 😦 Settled back in again now and sniffle free? It turned very nippy here today and then damp, but we’ve had a good run for our money. 🙂

    1. Heyjude says:

      Sorry to confuse you (I know it doesn’t take much 😉 😉 ) Afraid I am still snuffling and probably snoring, but let’s not go there. We had a damp day and cold – yesterday was sunny and cold. But like you say, can’t really complain. Apparently October was the warmest in Cornwall for fifty years! Hope it carries on like that. And where are you wandering off to for the birthday weekend may I ask?

      1. restlessjo says:

        I just accidentally trashed your last comment. Tee, hee! 🙂 I was going to say that as a land lubber you’d be better staying at my place. Not really doing a birthday gig. We have booked our next flights to the Algarve though. Didn’t really intend to but how can you turn down £14.99 each way??? Smiling 🙂 🙂

        1. Heyjude says:

          £14.99 each way?? Are you flying in the middle of the night? And can I come? Pleeeeeaaaassssse.

        2. restlessjo says:

          7am isn’t great but it will be so nice to get away after Christmas, which will be a bit flat this year. Not that it’s usually exciting but with no Dad… We’re going 2nd January for 2 weeks so it could be cool and damp. Who knows 🙂

        3. Heyjude says:

          I suspect it won’t be long until you retire out there permanently now. And 7 am is a lot better than the 6:15 am flight we had to Barcelona!

        4. restlessjo says:

          That’s the plan, but we’ll see. 🙂

        5. Heyjude says:

          And then you will HAVE to let me come and visit you 🙂

        6. restlessjo says:

          It’s true 🙂 🙂

        7. Heyjude says:

          As I think I told you my dad died just before Christmas and it was a total washout. Never really been the same since. But this being my first Christmas in Cornwall there must be something exciting going on somewhere!

        8. restlessjo says:

          Absolutely! Get out there and find it 🙂

  4. I’m excited you’ve started a blog just about Cornwall. I really do want to visit there one day! I love the view in the second picture, and Trencrom Hill looks fabulous. 🙂

    1. Heyjude says:

      Ah, the hill is a true delight. In all seasons, though I have yet to get up there this month. Maybe once I have shaken off this cold!

      1. I hope you feel better, Jude! It’s no fun being sick!

        1. Heyjude says:

          Just can’t shift the catarrh on the chest so coughing badly! But the head is a lot better. Thanks Cathy.

  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    A nice summary of your October. I’m not happy about the darkness by 5:30 either … and I know it’s going to get much worse.
    However, I’m looking forward to your first winter in Cornwall too and the wonderful photos you’ll be sharing 🙂

  6. pommepal says:

    Plenty of blue sky in October Jude, almost rivalling Aussie. Hope your winter is not too severe.

    1. Heyjude says:

      I don’t think it gets severe down here other than wind and rain. Certainly get a lot of that!

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